Consumer Consent to Electronic Communications (E-SIGN)

By checking this box you consent to receive electronic documents and disclosures from us. You can withdraw your consent or request paper copies of any documents received electronically at any time. You may receive a free copy of any disclosures or documents provided electronically in paper or non-electronic format. Your consent applies to any loans entered with Kashable and extends to its business partners who assist with facilitating your loan. Your consent will allow Kashable to provide any disclosure, notice, record or other type of information electronically. Examples of the documents Kashable will provide electronically include your loan agreement, Truth-in-Lending disclosures, change-in-term notices, fee and transaction information, statements, delayed disbursement letters, adverse action notices, state mandated brochures and disclosures, transaction information and other loan related documents. You need a valid email address and internet connection to receive electronic documents and disclosures from us. Your browser must support Secure Sockets Layer protocol—SSL provides a secure channel to send and receive data over the internet. Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 and above supports this feature. You also will need either a printer connected to your computer to print disclosures/notices or sufficient hard drive space available to save the information (e.g., one megabyte or more). You must have your own internet service provider. You may request paper or non-electronic copies of documents or disclosures by calling (646) 663-4353 or emailing There is no fee for requesting non-electronic copies of any documents or disclosures. You must update your email address by logging in to your customer profile on and making the necessary adjustments. You understand your electronic signature will have the same effect as your written signature. Electronic documents and disclosures have the same legal effect as paper or non-electronic documents or disclosures. If Kashable amend, add to, delete or change the terms of the Consumer Consent to Electronic disclosures and documents we will provide you with advance notice. You have read and understand Kashable's E-SIGN requirements and wish to receive electronic disclosures and documents. Please print and save a copy of this document. We may rely on and enforce the terms of this document in electronic form or as a paper version of the electronic form.