What is Kashable

You’re a hard worker. You’re a loyal employee. You make a good wage to support your daily life. But what about when the unexpected happens and hardship strikes? Perhaps the car breaks down, a medical bill shows up, or the refrigerator stops running. Kashable is there to help you bridge the gap. We offer online, low interest, installment loans to support eligible employees of participating employers.

Benefit offered through your employer

Exclusively available to you because your employer has chosen to participate in the program

Being an eligible employee pre-qualifies you for credit

Benefit from the financial stability of your employer to get credit, get a loan even if your own credit is not perfect

Loan sizes are based on your compensation and ability to repay

Better alternative

A Kashable loan is better than borrowing from your retirement plan,
credit card, and many other lenders

When you dip into your retirement nest-egg to solve today's problems
You pay double taxes on your interest payment
You pay plan administrator fees

When you take out a credit card for cash advances
You pay high fees for advances plus interest on the balance
You have a long application and approval process
The loan decision is based mostly on your credit score

Don't fall into the trap of predatory lenders
Avoid high rates that create a downward spiral of perpetual debt
Get a loan that you can afford to repay

Build your credit

Over time this enables you to access more and more of the financial system and to get better terms on all credit products

Each time you repay your loan on time the information is reported to credit bureaus and helps build your credit

Easy to use

Simple online application and qualification:
register for an account, verify your identity, and Kash your loan.
Use any device, anywhere, any time.
Repayments are automatically made through wage deductions
so you don't have to worry about writing checks
or missing a payment due date.
Equal installments spread over many months mean no stress over
a looming balloon payment at the end of your loan.
You will never need to step into a storefront, bank branch,
sign paper documents or call for a loan.
Monitor your loan payments and balances online
at any time.