Low Cost Loans
for Employees

Kashable is available exclusively to employees of participating employers.
Our program offers low-cost loans that are instantly approved and directly deposited into your bank account.

* To qualify for the lowest rate, applicant must have a responsible credit history

How Does It Work

Register & Verify Employment
Apply Online
"Kash" in the Bank
Register & Verify Employment

It just takes a few minutes to create an account online. Verify your personal phone number, email address, and employment.

Apply Online

Select your desired loan amount and review the repayment schedule and costs. If you are happy with your loan terms, just sign the agreement electronically.


Typically, repayments are set up automatically through your payroll by your employer. But with some employers, employees are asked to set up repayments on their own through their self-service payroll portal.

"Kash" in the Bank

Your funds are disbursed electronically into your bank account within 3 business days.

Ready to Start? Apply Now to See Your Loan Terms Instantly!

Employees Love Us

Kashable program has been there for me when I needed the cash. It was convenient and easy to go through the application and the best part was that I didn't have to worry about making payments as they were deducted from my paycheck - I always made my payments on time.
Diane B. Florida
Since the beginning of the program at my employer, I accessed Kashable several times when I had to pay medical expenses or to repair my car. It was a fast and easy application process and since I made all my payments on time, I saw my credit score go up.
Mike W. Illinois
Applying for a Kashable loan was easy and convenient. The application process was seamless and I was able to obtain a Kashable loan with an interest rate that I was happy with. The loan has helped me at a time of financial hardship when I needed it.
Susan R. Texas

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer Your Employer

If your employer currently does not offer Kashable and you would like access to the program, please connect us with your HR Manager below:

Thanks! We’ll reach out to your HR as soon as we can.