What is Kashable

You’re great to work for. You provide your employees with health coverage, a retirement plan, and other fringe benefits that support their well-being. But who supports their financial wellness? Where do they turn when they need funds for unexpected expenses? Perhaps you are asked for pay advances or perhaps you allow employees to borrow from their retirement plans. Kashable empowers you to give your employees access to credit for such situations without compromising your balance sheet or their retirement.

No Risk, No Cost

All the loans are directly between Kashable and the employees with no financial risk to you

We handle outstanding loans of a terminated employee directly with the employee

We handle all the funding, administration and customer service

We charge no fees for implementation of the program or for integration with your systems

Easy to use

Launching our offering at your workplace is
effort-light for your team

There is no open enrollment period, no IRS or
ERISA reporting requirements

Translate data
into insight

Obtain aggregate statistics and analysis on employee behavior

Compare patterns across job functions, geography, pay scale

Benchmark against competitors or companies nationwide

Utilize knowledge gleaned to inform compensation & benefits decision-making