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We offer socially responsible financing to employees as an employer-sponsored voluntary benefit.

We use innovative technology to improve the financial well-being of working America with a commitment to both reliability and affordability.

Team Leads

Rishi Kumar Rishi Kumar
Einat Steklov Einat Steklov
Hoon Joo Hoon Joo
Jameson Fauver Jameson Fauver
Dave Sherman Dave Sherman
Amanda Nobile Amanda Nobile

Rishi Kumar


Rishi is one part engineer and one part financier. He is an MIT trained software engineer who spent many years as a bond derivatives trader on Wall Street before founding his first company, Coral Capital, a commercial finance operation that has provided over $600 million in financing to small businesses since its inception. Through Kashable, he is now looking to use the same talents to drive social and financial impact in the lives of working America.

Einat Steklov


Einat is a serial entrepreneur having spent many years at the confluence of law and finance, first as a practicing attorney, as a founder at a logistics tech start-up, and a founder at Coral Capital. At Kashable she leads strategic direction, compliance, and business development. She prides herself on being a hands-on executive who has steered several companies to market leadership, and strives to empower consumers to take charge of their financial wellness.

Hoon Joo

Chief Technology Officer

Hoon has been building and architecting secure and scaleable enterprise solutions for 15 years at numerous Fortune 500 finance companies across many consumer finance products. He believes Kashable and its Group Credit underwriting is the next logical evolution of the consumer lending industry and is excited to be leading its development.

Jameson Fauver

Vice President of Business Development

Jameson works closely with insurance brokers and benefit marketplaces to deliver the Kashable offering to employees. Starting with Sun Life Financial, Jameson has spent his entire professional career working in employee benefits. When not spreading the word about Kashable, Jameson likes to be physically active, playing for two soccer teams in NYC during the week and golfing & hiking outside the city on the weekends.

Dave Sherman

Vice President of Sales

Dave brings over 30 years of experience in all aspects of voluntary employee benefits industry. Dave is leveraging his deep knowledge of the marketplace, alternative delivery systems, benefit trends and funding methods, as well as his expertise in tailoring voluntary benefit programs to meet the needs of employers and their employees, to help scale Kashable’s platform nationwide.

Amanda Nobile

Director of Compliance and Operations

Amanda manages compliance requirements for Kashable’s consumer lending operations on both the federal and state level. She also oversees the Operations and Support Team and is excited to be part of an innovative and forward thinking company. Prior to joining Kashable, Amanda began her legal career at a law firm representing state financial institutions providing advice on regulatory matters with a focus on lending operations.


We have partnered with a number of HR platforms and benefits administration systems so you can easily add our offering to your benefits portfolio. We also integrate with a growing list of payroll systems to administer deductions.


We are fortunate and proud to have the wherewithal of several venture funds and illustrious angels behind us.


NYC Office
489 5th Avenue, 18th Floor
New York, NY 10017