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  • Free to employers with 500+ benefit eligible employees
  • Standard Kashable loan eligibility and approvals
  • Small fee to employers with 300-500 benefit eligible employees
  • Small fee to any employer who wishes to expand eligibility and approval limits
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Why Employers Love Kashable

After implementing Kashable, employees have a better alternative for bridging the financial gap created by unexpected events. Our employees can visit the Kashable platform at any time to access a fair and competitive loan that will not jeopardize their retirement income.
Barbara S. Vice President, Human Resources
Insurance Company
When we implemented Kashable, our employees were finally given access to fair and responsible credit, and because most of our employees could not access competitive credit outside of the workplace, we felt that we made a real difference in their lives by offering Kashable.
Pam D. CFO
Telecom Company
We decided to offer Kashable to provide employees with an alternative to 401(k) loans so employees don't deplete their retirement income. Setup was a breeze and employees have referred to Kashable as a "lifesaver" and a "valuable lifeline".
Bob M. Vice President, Human Resources
Retail Food Company
We have employees that are borrowing against their 401(k). At PLH, we use Kashable as a better loan option. I believe we are helping our employees out because we implemented an alternative to borrowing from the 401(k) plan, giving them another avenue for getting that same amount of money without damaging their retirement accounts.
Sri G. Benefits Director
Infrastructure Company
Right from day one, our employees embraced Kashable. Knowing they have a financial safety net allows them to focus on saving in other areas like their HSA, 401(k), or 529 plan. If an unexpected expense arises, they know they have Kashable to see them through. I can’t think of a reason why someone wouldn’t want to have this available to their employees.
Carolyn C. Benefits Manager
Retail Apparel Company
I would recommend Kashable to other employers because they are innovative, thoughtful, and have created a product that helps families face difficult financial times that occur over the course of life. They have great ethics that we can depend on, so it’s great to know we are working with a company that has our employees' best interests at heart.
Richard E. Supervisor
City Government
Kashable has been a lifesaver for our employees, and the lower interest rates have helped them get out of bad debt. I would definitely recommend Kashable to other employers because I think their employees would appreciate it as much as we do.
Nicole M. Benefits Manager
Health Care Services Company

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