Low-Cost Loans For Federal Employees

When the unexpected happens, Kashable can help. Our just-in-time loan offering specially crafted to serve federal employees gets you access to credit when you need it.

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How Does It Work?

Approval in minutes, no hidden fees, no prepayment penalties, and automatic repayments with wage allotment

  1. Register & Apply Online to see and select your loan amount
  2. Set Up Allotment to repay your loan and send us confirmation
  3. "Kash" in the Bank We will direct deposit funds to your bank account

Where Is It Available?

Kashable's program for federal government employees is currently available to residents of the states shown here

  • AL Alabama
  • AZ Arizona
  • CA California
  • CO Colorado
  • CT Connecticut
  • DE Delaware
  • FL Florida
  • IL Illinois
  • IN Indiana
  • IA Iowa
  • KY Kentucky
  • LA Louisiana
  • MD Maryland
  • OK Oklahoma
  • PA Pennsylvania
  • MA Massachussetts
  • MI Michigan
  • MN Minnesota
  • MO Missouri
  • NJ New Jersey
  • NM New Mexico
  • NY New York
  • RI Rhode Island
  • TN Tennessee
  • TX Texas
  • UT Utah
  • WA Washington
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We are growing fast and will be launching in other states soon. Check back for updates!

Why People Love Kashable

Kashable provides timely financial assistance to thousands of employees nationwide

Kashable program has been there for me when I needed the cash. It was convenient and easy to go through the application and the best part was that I didn't have to worry about making payments as they were deducted from my paycheck - I always made my payments on time.
Diane B. Florida
Since the beginning of the program at my employer, I accessed Kashable several times when I had to pay medical expenses or to repair my car. It was a fast and easy application process and since I made all my payments on time, it helped build my credit.
Mike W. Illinois
Applying for a Kashable loan was easy and convenient. The application process was seamless and I was able to obtain a Kashable loan with an interest rate that I was happy with. The loan has helped me at a time of financial hardship when I needed it.
Susan R. Texas

Don't Let Financial Worries
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