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Avoid TSP Withdrawals with Low-Cost Loans

Maintain your retirement funds with loan offerings specially crafted for federal government employees, giving you the opportunity to build credit with no hidden fees and no prepayment penalties.

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Low Fixed APRs*

Why Kashable
Kashable Loans
Affordable rates with 6-24 month repayment terms
Can protect retirement savings
No hidden fees, no prepayment penalties
Opportunity to build credit with payments reported to the credit bureaus
TSP Loans
Low-interest rates at G-Fund rate
Can reduce the growth of retirement savings
Possible application and early withdrawal fees*
Repayments not reported to credit bureaus

How Does It Work?

Approval in minutes, no hidden fees, no prepayment penalties, and automatic repayments with wage allotment

Loans Free Credit Monitoring
  1. Register & Apply Online to see and select your loan amount
  2. Set Up Allotment to repay your loan and send us confirmation
  3. "Kash" in the Bank We will direct deposit funds to your bank account

It's fast, free and easy! To be eligible to enroll all you need is a Kashable account.

Check Your Credit Score

To ensure that you are staying informed of your score as it evolves.

Receive Real-Time Alerts

Get alerts to track your progress and protect yourself from suspicious activity.


Where Is It Available?

Kashable is available in all states (except West Virginia), plus District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Why People Love Kashable

Kashable provides timely financial assistance to employees

Kashable provided me with courteous, professional and prompt service. I would beyond a doubt recommend Kashable to all my friends and colleagues.

Diane F.

I had to have surgery and had not met my deductible. Kashable made it possible for me to cover my deductible and proceed with my surgery without the added stress of worrying about the finances.

Gayla S.

I enjoy saving my funds, but sometimes you need a little more, plus you want to raise your credit score. With Kashable I was able to do just that. Thank you.

Bobby C.

Kashable actually helped me and my family pay our monthly expenses at a time when we truly needed the assistance. The payroll deduction works out great. If in the future I should need financial help, I know where to turn. Thank you.

Shalonda D.

It’s definitely an essential benefit I believe everyone should have.

Jeremy C.

Avoid Withdrawing From Your TSP Savings!